Creativity and Your Cycle Day Retreat for female pianists
Did you know that as a female musician you are at a higher risk of Muskulo Skeletal Performing Related injuries ( a bit of a mouthful so we say PRMSDs).
And if you are both female and a keyboard player that places you in the highest risk category for performance related hand injuries.

And if you are a dancer or an athlete your menstrual cycle will affect the efficacy of your training and your propensity to particular injuries.
'Typical' you might say. 'Just our luck'.

Would you like to minimize the risk of becoming part of these statistics? 
How Period Literate are you? Do you know what your hormones are doing on each phase of your cycle. Our hormones dance to a different tune during the month & they affect our performance , emotions and our brain.

That each phase of your cycle has its own SUPER POWER that you can tap into.

On the run up to the Summer Solstice on June 20th we will be exploring Inner Summer and how to best understand and harness the super powers which this season of the cycle brings and how to take advantadge of them to improve our performance.

Find out more in my next 'Creativity and Your Cycle' London workshop .
I know what I can and cannot manage at different phases of the cycle, so I do not harbour unrealistic expectations about myself. This helps be with Ahimsa: being kind to myself.

The different phases the menstrual cycle affect every aspect of our lives and, in particular, our creativity. Would you like to know more about the four main energies within your moon cycle and about the hormones which drive them? Would you like to become cycle savvy and able to connect with, understand and work with these forces in a creativity -enhancing way so you can cycle-synch your life and your cycle in a harmonious way?

Explore this taboo subject in this workshop where you will:

  1. Acquire basic tools for cycle literacy through yoga, mindfulness, and Yoga Nidra.
  2. You will be initiated into the concept of your Inner Seasons and will be introduced into your Inner Summer / Ovulation.
  3. You will learn life-long yoga and breathwork techniques to deal with common period issues such as cramping, fatigue, PMS, bloating and heavy periods.

There will also be an opportunity to perform in front of a small audience where you will be able to receive guidance about any aspect of your playing that you may be struggling with.

The timetable for the day is as follows:

1pm arrivals and welcome
1.15 Menstrual Cycle Awareness: Harnessing Inner Summer’s Special Powers
2.15 Yoga and Breathwork
3.15 Break

We will share an organic vegetarian tea plus snacks and teas (and chocolate, of course 😊)
3.45 Celebrate Yourself Ritual
4.30 Short Break
4.45 Rehearsal
5.15 Sharing
6.15 End

1 June | 1-6.30pm

Investment: £80 per person, £60 Early Bird booked by May 25th (Only 8 spaces available)

Where: The day will unfold at my home in North London in my Garden Sanctuary Studio.

For more info please contact me at  or 07812208631


Elena Riu
Yoga Alliance - BWY Diploma Accredited
Celebration Day For Girls Facilitator
Journey of Young Women Mentor
Menstrual Leadership Programme Facilitator
Well Woman Yoga Coach

Celebration Day for Girls in London September 21 & 22
Stay tuned for more details

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