Rites of Spring: Creativity and your Menstrual Cycle for Female Performers
Benefits of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
The different phases the menstrual cycle affect every aspect of our lives and, in particular, our creativity. Would you like to know more about the four main energies within your moon cycle and the hormones which drive them? Spring is the season of transformation heralding renewal and hope. Would you like to become cycle positive and able to connect with, understand and work with the energy of Spring in a creativity -enhancing way so you can cycle-synch your life and your cycle in an harmonious way?
I know what I can and cannot manage at different phases of the cycle, so I do not harbour unrealistic expectations about myself. This helps me be with Ahimsa: being kind to myself.

Explore this taboo subject in this workshop where you will:

  1. Reframe your menstrual cycle with cycle literacy tools through yoga, mindfulness, ritual and yoga Nidra.
  2. Guided by the map of the Inner Seasons we will explore Inner Spring, its super powers and the tasks associated with it so that you can ease into this season with grace and an integrated understanding of how to relate it to your artistic practice.
  3. You will learn life-long yoga and breathwork techniques to deal with common period issues such as cramping, fatigue, PMS, bloating and heavy periods.

There will also be a workshop where you will be able to perform and receive guidance about any aspect of your playing that you may be struggling with
“What areas of my health has it not improved! Less period pain, I get run down a lot less often because I rest more at the right time and my mental health has improved enormously as a result”

The day will unfold at my home studio in North London and in my Garden Sanctuary Studio.

Saturday March 2 | 12.15–5.45

The timetable for the day is as follows:

12.15  Arrivals and welcome
12.30 Creativity and your Cycle ‘Rites of  Spring’
1.30–2.45 Yoga and Breathwork Cycle Basics : Spring Awakening
2.45 Break & Snacks
3–4.15 Performance Workshop


4.30 Creativity and Your Cycle The Four Phases
5.45 End

Investment: £80 per person or EARLYBIRD £65 booked by February 27th. Only 6 spaces available!
(One assisted place on an individual basis. Please contact me for details)

Anandamarga, 3a Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 6PA

For more info please contact me at riuelena@gmail.com  or 07812208631


Elena Riu
Yoga Alliance - BWY Diploma Accredited
Celebration Day For Girls Facilitator
Journey of Young Women Mentor
Menstrual Leadership Programme Facilitator
Well Woman Yoga Coach

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